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PS: Enable RMS for Office365



Many of you already know what Rights Management Services (RMS) can do for us on an AD environment under the ADRMS role, and also are up to date that Office365 integrates this as a feature on enterprise plans.

Well, there are some situations which you want to enable RMS on a tenant via GUI and just after clicking the activate now button, the process gets stuck with the following screen no matter how much time you leave it (normally it takes no much more than 2 minutes):


For all of those that are suffering the situation, you have an inmediate solution via PowerShell following these steps:

Import-Module AADRM

  • Connect to the service with Global Administrator credentials:

Connect-AadrmService -Verbose

  • Finally enable RMS:



This process shouldn’t last longer than 2 minutes, after then we can disconnect off the service with the following CmdLet:




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