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>Oracle and VMware fight over the Virtual Iron customers

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>Recomiendo la lectural del artículo siguiente:

Aunque lo más interesante es la actualización:

Update: After a number of days in silence also Microsoft enters the discussion, and easy to guess its primary purpose is to smash the VMware offering:

…But a closer look at the VMware offer shows some serious limitations. These include:

Only Virtual Iron 4.0 or newer customers are eligible

Only those with active support subscriptions with Virtual Iron are eligible

Customers must buy a VMware license for every socket on their Virtual Iron contract. This effectively locks in the customer to VMware for size of their Virtual Iron contract.

The discount is 40% off the list price of the product but only 10% on one-year of support and subscription, 0% for more than one year of support subscription.

The offer isn’t valid on all SKUs. This means for Virtual Iron customers who want to keep their Live Migration and CPU balancing capability, they need to buy vSphere Enterprise Plus, the most expensive SKU.

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