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>Recuperando espacio en SBS


Este es uno de esos artículos que uno lleva guardado en su carpeta de recursos, aunque con lo común que és este problema ya vamos directos a ello sin mirar.

Recuperando espacio en un SBS:

A destacar este punto, cuando vienes a encontrarte sin espacio, solo limpliando el log de iis recuperas unos cuantos gb:

By default, all IIS hosted web sites have logging enabled, this can lead to some large folders in C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles (Review this post in case you have moved your log files). You may also want to specifically stop logging all together for certain web sites, in particular, the “WSUS Administration” web site (Site Id 1372222313). For this, perform the following steps:

1.Launch IIS Manager from Administrative Tools.
2.Expand Server, Sites, and select the WSUS Administration web site.
3.On the feature panel, click to open Logging.
4.Click Disable in the Actions panel (rightmost panel)
5.Repeat the steps for any other web site. Please note that logging may be needed for troubleshooting or auditing purposes on sites that are public facing, this is usually not the case on the WSUS Administration site.


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