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Creating shared mailboxes in Office365 – Wave15

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One of the new things in Office365 new plattform admisnitration is the new graphical way to create shared mailboxes without the need to use PowerShell (we still can do it the PowerShell way) so here´s how to do it:


  • The first thing we need to do is Access the Office365 Portal with our admin credentials.
  • Then we need to click on the upper right hand corner where it says «Admin» and select «Exchange«.


  • Then click on «Shared«.


  • Click on  «+» to create a new mailbox.
  • Give a Display Name, an E-mail address and assign the Full Access and Send As permissions for the users we want to include on it and finally click on Save.


If we double click the recently created shared mailbox we´ll get some other options of interest like restricting access to the mailbox via OWA, IMAP, policies asignment or inclusive hide it from the GAL.

Hope you find the Info useful.