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ID: 103 or 107 – The licenses required by the Citrix EdgeSight agent are not present on the license server .

octubre 11th, 2012 | Posted by cristiansan in EdgeSight | TroubleShooting | XenApp


In eventview you can see the next event:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: Citrix System Monitoring Agent

Event Category: Devices

Event ID: 103 / 107


Check first, the eventview to know the event ID message in the XenApp Server affected for the issue.

You can see the servers affected in the EdgeSight Console. You see a red message that report an error with license.

If you go to «Server Configuration» > «EdgeSight Licences» you can see the Server List affected with a license problem.

Check de SYS_EVENT_TXT.txt in XenApp Servers for extract information about the incidence.

Solution 1:

After a while, after starting the server, restart the service «Citrix System Monitoring Agent».

Check de SYS_EVENT_TXT log for see if start correct now.

Solution 2:

If you can see in folder C:ProgramFilesCitrixSystem MonitoringData an .ini file thatcalled  EspsLic_EspsLic.ini do the next steps;

– Connect to the afected Server

– Go to C:ProgramFilesCitrixSystemMonitoringData

– Locate the EspsLic_EspsLic.ini

– Delete the EspsLic_EspsLic.ini

– Restart Citrix System Monitoring Agent

EspsLic_EspsLic.ini contain License Server information. If the L.Server change in a enviroment and you have this file, Edgesight don’t apply the changes.

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