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XenServer: How to move machines between SR

julio 11th, 2012 | Posted by cristiansan in CLI | XenServer

XenServer provides, in addition, a «copy of VM» option that allows a Clone (in the same SR) or FullCopy (in same or another SR) for copy VMs. The procedure is simple.

Procedure from GUI

With the machine stopped (required), select: Right Click> Copy VM.

It indicates the new name of the VM and its description and the SR should be stored where the copy (remember that the SR is only selectable with FullCopy).

After that, we can see the copy in the system logs.

Procedure from CLI

To do this, follow the following procedure.

Open the XenServer console and we place ourselves in the CLI (SSH can make a connection if we feel more comfortable).

Initially we will need to locate a data series.


This is the uuid of the SR where we want to copy the VM. For this …

# xe sr-list

We also will need the UUID or name of the VM from which we make a FullCopy.

Remember, that XenServer is Case Sensitive. We can use either the UUID as the Name-Label.

Now is the time to use the vm-copy command. Required parameters are the same:

vm =
sr-uuid =
new-name-label =
new-name-description =

At this point, simply issue the following command:

This does not display a progress log in XenCenter as to be performed from the GUI.

Done, see the VM cloned and location of the new SR XVA.

See the same post in Spanish on CTXDOM.COM

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