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How to upload/download files to/from XenServer

mayo 18th, 2012 | Posted by cristiansan in CLI | TroubleShooting | XenServer

Today speak of a task very easy, in some cases, can be a headache for administrators who come from Windows.

At times, the support team may request certain system logs for review.

XenCenter has an option to generate a zip file that contain information on logs and system commands.
But, as we import logs if we do not have XenCenter? see how to import specific logs with old method.

For do this, you need a ssh/scp software o use any terminal for connect to xenserver. I talk how do it from MAC/Linux and from Windows.


Only need to run a terminal/Shell and use the command scp for do this. How? See this.

Note. You need to know the exact path that containt the file that you need import.

If you need recover the messages log, for example, in your desktop terminal type:






# scp root@ c:UserscristiansanDesktop

Windows SO

How i do on Windows if we haven’t terminal?

All administrators know putty for SSH connections.
Another imprescidible tool for admins is winscp. Winscp, is a client sftp.

Log on XenServer with winscp gui and use a similar to FTP GUI interface for upload and download files from/to XenServer.

I don’t explain this tool because is very easy. Try it!


Putty: http://www.putty.org/
WinSCP: http://winscp.net/
Man SSH  Man SCP

Another resource in this blog related with this: SSH key: MAC/LINUX to XenServer without PASS

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