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S4BContactos! Export/Import Contacts


Today I bring to you a useful tool to manage your contact from one account to another, or just to export as a backup.

As no native options under Skype for Business to do that. I try to find the way to do it. So i take all the information from the Lync SDK examples and also a great script from the MVP Michael Lamontagne  (you can download Michael’s script from gallery)

So I take all this information to create a GUI Tool to allows you export and import your Lync2010/Lync2013/S4B contacts , for onprem and online.

So here is S4BContactos!



Download here


Hope this helps you.

Note: Should be run on the same folder with the other files included on the .zip file


Que tal!

El dia de hoy les traigo una herramienta bastante util para administrar sus contactos y pasarlos de una cuenta a otra o exportar los contactos y tenerlos de respaldo.

como no hay una opcion dentro del propio cliente de S4B para hacerlo, busque la manera para lograrlo. Por lo que revise la documentacion y ejemplos de Lync SDK y tambien tome como base el script del MVP Michael Lamontagne (pueden descargar su script desde la galeria de microsoft aqui el link)


Asi que tome ambas fuentes para conseguir una herramienta con interfaz grafica y poder exportar/importar los contactos de Lync2010/Lync2013/SfB sin importar si estan en la nube o en servidores locales.

Sin mas les dejo S4BContactos



Descargar aqui


Espero les sea de ayuda.


NOTA: Para ejecutarlo tiene que ser desde la misma carpeta donde vienen todos los demas archivos.

Hybrid | DNS Checker


How many times did you found that after configured Shared Space and Hybrid Deployment with Skype online. No communications between onprem users and online users. Or some issues with federation and onprem users.

Main reason, wrong DNS configuration.

So, today I bring to you this simple script to check the Hybrid DNS configuration. (All must point to Onprem)

Is a kind of «friendly html» result, so you can figure out what need to change.

Look like this.

If your SRV points to online must show as red, if wrong port show red. (so simple)


You can download it here

Hope it helps you.


Skype for Business | Hybrid Shared Space Script


Today I bring to you two script to configure Hybrid SharedSpace between SfB online and onpremise.

The first script check if SharedSpace Online is already enabled, if not it enables.

The second script check the Hosting Provider, delete the old one and creates a correct new one, and also enables Shared Space.

Online Shared Space Script

OnPrem Shared Space Script


Hope this helps you.

Que tal,

El dia de hoy les traigo dos scripts para de una manera sencilla habilitar la configuracion hibrida en Skype for Business, habilitando el shared space en ambos lados.

El primer script revisa online, si no esta configurado habilita el SharedSpace.

El Segundo script revisa el Hosting Provider actual, elimina si no es correcto y crea uno Nuevo con los parametros requeridos, ademas de configurar el Shared Space.

Online Shared Space Script

OnPrem Shared Space Script

Espero sea de ayuda.

Skype for Business | Debugging Tools Script


This is a pretty basic script that download and install Skype for Business Debugging Tools.

Hope this helps you.

Que tal!

Este es un script basico pero muy util, para descargar e instalar el Debuggin Tools de Skype for Business.

Espero sea de ayuda.

    Script sencillo pero util para descargar el Skype for Business Debuggin Tools.


    Simply but useful script to Download and Install Skype for Business Debuggin Tools #
Created by MVP Rodolfo Castro Aguilar
Date: 08/04/2016
Version 1.0

$url = «»
$output = «$PSScriptRoot\SkypeForBusinessDebugTools.msi»
$start_time = Get-Date

    Import-Module BitsTransfer
Start-BitsTransfer -Source $url -Destination $output
    Write-Output «Time taken: $((Get-Date).Subtract($start_time).Seconds) second(s)»
<#Comment the follows lines if dont want to install Debugging Tools, only download it #>
<#Comenta las siguientes lineas sino quieres instalar el Debuggin Tools, sino solo descargarlo#>
    Write-Output «Installing Skype for Business Debuggin Tools»
& $output

Skype Operations Framework

Microsoft announced at WPC Skype Operations Framework.

What is Skype Operations Framework (SOF)?

The Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is a comprehensive guide and toolset for implementing and managing a reliable, cost-effective communications service based on Skype for Business. It covers the entire customer lifecycle, including planning, deployment, adoption, and operations. It is a multi-faceted approach to the successful deployment of Skype for Business, incorporating four key elements that have customer success firmly at the center.

  • The SOF framework provides a standardized approach to successfully plan, deliver and operate Skype for Business by incorporating practical guidance, tools, assets and recommended practices.
  • The SOF readiness via Skype Academy provides targeted training to educate customers and partners on Skype for Business products, services and best practices, while providing theoretical training along with internship and guided deployment opportunities to apply learnings to real-world customer engagements.
  • SOF provides the foundation for customers and partners to accelerate their Skype for Business Online journey. We are providing the delivery methodology in SOF to guide customers and partners on when and how to use the tools and assets. This is a major benefit for many who in the past have had to work out how to navigate the deployment journey on their own, investing significant time and effort to develop their own delivery methodology from the ground up. Customers and Partners can now build their own delivery capabilities using the SOF delivery methodology as the foundation.

In addition, FastTrack is the customer success service design to help customer move to Office 365, smoothly and with confidence. It covers planning, deployment and adoption aspects of the customer lifecycle. FastTrack best practices, tools, and resources associated with Skype for Business are based on SOF. SOF extends FastTrack with guidance for ongoing operational management, and provides additional Skype-specific details for planning and deployment. All Office 365 customers should utilize FastTrack for planning, deployment, and adoption, and should follow SOF throughout the lifecycle of Skype for Business deployments. In addition, customers should consider using partner managed service offerings built on SOF for elements not covered by FastTrack, including ongoing operations, and, when needed, other workload specific activities.





You can check all the information about SOF at the official page.

Skype for Business Android


Yesterday Microsoft release the new SfB Android version

What’s new in Version
• View PowerPoint presentations uploaded in a meeting
• Directly open your Outlook calendar from the Skype for Business meetings tab
Also fix the issue described here (Not a Valid Number)

Que tal,
El día de ayer Microsoft lanzo la nueva version del cliente de SfB para Android.
Que hay de nuevo en la version
  • Ver las presentaciones de PowerPoint en un meeting
  • Abrir directamente tu calendario de Outlook desde el tab de Skype for Business Meetings.

Ademas corrige el problema descrito aquí (Not a Valid Number)


Skype Free Meetings


Microsoft now presents the Preview of Skype (Consumer) Free Meetings Tool , a solution for small companies.

Here some of the free features. (where I had seen this ??? ….)


And how looks


Pretty familiar , right?

You can also schedule the meeting with outlook to later time.

Here a video  how-to use Skype Meeting

Skype for Business – RDP vs VbSS

With the June SfB Cumulative Update ( Microsoft add VbSS (Video Based Screen Sharing) support to Skype for Business Server 2015.

 The difference between VbSS and traditional screen-sharing has to do with the underlying protocols used, and what they excel at. Screen-sharing uses the remote desktop protocol (RDP), which is great at creating thousands of 1-to-1 sessions between people’s computers. Newer technology, VbSS, will make use of User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

VbSS pros and cons

Switching to VbSS aims to make three key improvements:

  1. Make screen-sharing (up to 5%) more reliable compared to RDP alone.
  2. Make the session setup and video experience faster compared to RDP alone (setup in half the time, with a 6:1 improvement in frames-per-second).
  3. Works much better than RDP in low bandwidth conditions, even when sharing high motion content, such as 3-D graphics.

All this sounds great, but I bring to you a video where you can compare the difference between RDP and VbSS.

Hope this helps you.

Skype for Business–Android Client “Not a valid number” Issue


We have an issue with Android SfB Mobile Client version

With 4 and 5 lenght numbers, returns error messages «Not a valid number»

Image 304

Try with previous version and works fine

Image 302

Image 303 


iOS and Windows Phone Client works fine.

Also, found at Technet many people with same issue with 7 digit or less numbers


if you already did, downgrade with a .apk backup

I will update this post  when Microsoft release a fix

Que tal!

Pues con la novedad de que tenemos un issue con la version de SFB Mobile en Android

Con los numeros de 4 o 5 digitos, regresa el mensaje de “el numero no es valido”

Image 304

Intentamos con una versión previa y funciona correctamente.

Image 302

Image 303 


Los clientes de iOS y Windows Phone funcionan a la perfección. 

Además en Technet encontré que mas gente presenta el mismo inconveniente, con números de 7 dígitos o menos.


Si ya lo hicieron, hagan un downgrade con un .apk que tengan de respaldo.

Actualizare este post cuando tengamos algún fix o solución por parte de Microsoft.

Lync Server 2013 – Internal App Sharing Error


Today I found the following issue with a customer.

Internal App Sharing did not working! No PPTs, No Whiteboard, No Polls, No Q&A. Only Desktop Sharing.

But with external users and federate users all works perfectly.

So I look up at uccapilog at client side and found the follow.

ms-client-diagnostics: 52161;reason=»Session was terminated as we are tearing down the conference due to failure on a different session»

So I seach about this error at Technet Forums. And found this helpful post as answer.

Where says that we need to remove the KB3142030 and restart the services.

I dont have installed that KB , but  the regedit option works.

1. Add the follow key  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\<version_number>\System.Net.ServicePointManager.SchSendAuxRecord

2. Create a new DWORD, where the name is the Fully qualified path for the application .exe (D:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Conferencing\DataMCUSvc.exe)
Value data: 0

3. Then restart the Web Conferencing service and App Sharing Service.

Then Internal App Sharing works again.


Hope this help you.

Que tal!

Hoy me encontré con un problema con un cliente.

El compartir aplicaciones internamente no estaba funcionando! Ni las PPTs , ni Pizarra, ni encuesta, ni Q&A, solamente desktop sharing.

Pero con los usuarios externos y federados todo funcionaba sin problemas.

Así que revise el uccapilog del lado del cliente y encontré el siguiente error.


ms-client-diagnostics: 52161;reason=»Session was terminated as we are tearing down the conference due to failure on a different session»

Busque en los foros de Technet y encontré el siguiente post útil

Donde nos pide desinstalar el KB3142030 y reiniciar los servicios.

Ese no fue mi caso, ya que no tenia instalado ese KB, pero la opción de regedit funciono perfectamente.

1. Agregar el siguiente folder   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\<version_number>\System.Net.ServicePointManager.SchSendAuxRecord

2. Crear un nuevo registro DWORD, donde el nombre sera todo el path donde esta la aplicacion. (D:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Conferencing\DataMCUSvc.exe)
Value data: 0

3. Después reiniciamos el Web Conferencing Service y App Sharing Service.

Con esto todo funciono a la perfección.

Espero les sea de ayuda.