Skype for Business – RDP vs VbSS

With the June SfB Cumulative Update ( Microsoft add VbSS (Video Based Screen Sharing) support to Skype for Business Server 2015.

 The difference between VbSS and traditional screen-sharing has to do with the underlying protocols used, and what they excel at. Screen-sharing uses the remote desktop protocol (RDP), which is great at creating thousands of 1-to-1 sessions between people’s computers. Newer technology, VbSS, will make use of User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

VbSS pros and cons

Switching to VbSS aims to make three key improvements:

  1. Make screen-sharing (up to 5%) more reliable compared to RDP alone.
  2. Make the session setup and video experience faster compared to RDP alone (setup in half the time, with a 6:1 improvement in frames-per-second).
  3. Works much better than RDP in low bandwidth conditions, even when sharing high motion content, such as 3-D graphics.

All this sounds great, but I bring to you a video where you can compare the difference between RDP and VbSS.

Hope this helps you.

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