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Migrate Office365 family plans easily

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Until now, we had to be really careful when choosing the right Office365 plan for our Org, because if we chose a P1 plan and later on we wanted to change to an E1 plan because of the need to, we would have to pass thru a hell setting up a new E1 subscription, create users, configure the environment again, add the domain, export one by one the users data to later on import them to the new subscription, etc…

Well, after so many time, Microsoft made possible the path to migrate different family plans (SKU) through the portal to another one greater than the one we have, without the need of any of the previous steps.

Of course there are some limitations when doing it and in resume, you cannot downgrade, only upgrade to a different plan.

If you want to learn some more about it, here’s a link from Microsoft on how to do it and the limitations that may exist:

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