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APP: Service Health Dashboard for Office365

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This utility is very simple as it only manages to notify and show the Office365 Administrator the Service Health of the service, if there´s an issue or if it´s been one, know the status, details and also acces the Post Incident Report (PIR).

Actually this APP is in B1 phase and only suuports the viewing of one tenant at a time, but in the future is expected to support «multi-tenancy» and integrate the support tickets for those Admins that manage more than one subscription ;). By the moment is only available for Windows Phone 8, but the plans are to be released for IOS and Android very soon. As a requisite, the account that needs to be used on the APP has to be at least a Service Admin or Global Admin.

Here are some screenshots of the APP for you to take a look:

wp_ss_20131126_0001 wp_ss_20131126_0002 wp_ss_20131126_0003 wp_ss_20131126_0004 wp_ss_20131126_0005 wp_ss_20131126_0006


As a final comment, this demonstrates that there´s an API to play with in Office365, but it´s inside Microsoft walls by the moment. ;).

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