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Enable Offline OWA


One of the new features that Office365 new platform (Wave 15) brings us by the hand of Exchange 2013 is to be able to work in Offline mode and that´s what i´ll be explaning in today.

Just to be clearer, this is not meant to be a Microsoft Outlook substitute, this new feature has been created to avoid networking cuts during a travel and avoid networking issues, so if what you want is to be able to work in complete offline mode, then you should use Microsoft Outlook for it as it offers a lot more advantages tan just OWA.

Also when we work with these feature we´ll wet some limitations like:

  • Only the content of the inbox, drafts and the last viewed folders in the past 7 days.
  • It´ll only show the first 100 ítems of each folder.
  • The attachments are not stored so we will be able to see the message but not the attachment when we don´t have an internet connection active.
  • We will be able to reply and forward mails as compose new ones, but they wont be sent until we get internet and they´ll be stored on the the lower side of the screen as a notification but not on the Out Box.

Once all this is said, here´s how to enable this functionality:

  • Access your inbox through Office365 portal.
  • Click on the Little gear icon (settings) and select the «Offline Settings» option:


  • Select the «Turn on Offline Access» option and click on «Next«:


  • Select «YES» and click on «Next«:


  • Click on «Next«:


  • Click on «Next» again:


  • And lastly click on «Ok«:


Hope you find this article useful.

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