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Add an image as a signature inside OWA on Exchange Online


In this post i will teach you how to insert an image to use as a signature inside OWA on Exchange Online, so lets begin:

In order to do so, we will need to make some workarounds to beat the system, because Microsoft doesn´t support officially or at least in a clear way this feature.

  • The first thing will be pick our image or logo (my contact info in my case including my company logos as a single image) and upload it to any web server (i upload it inside a folder named «signatures» hanging out the root folder of my website).
  • The second thing will be, open the url where the image is located inside any web browser (including the whole http:// stuff, in example:
  • Right Click on the displayed image in click on «Copy»
  • Access our OWA ( and click on where it says «Outlook«.
  • Click on «options» and then on «see all options«
  • Then on «Settings» and where it says «E-Mail Signature», type the preceding text (i.e: «Cheers:» , «Sincerely yours»…) and then paste the previously copied image using the combination keys (Ctrl+v). Note that there´s no button labeled «paste» and that the context menu doesn´t work neither inside the signature area…
  • And finally just mark the checkbox where it says «Automatically include my signature on messages I send» and then click on «Save» at the bottom of the page.



From now on, all the outgoing messages sent using OWA, will be sent with the desired signature including the image ;).

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