Aquí os dejo un virtual lab en el que se explican las nuevas funcionalidades de WS 2012 R2.

In this lab, you will explore some of the new features and capabilities of Windows Server 2012 R2 for Server Infrastructure and Fabric Administrators. This lab is designed to point out the location of new features, discuss and describe them, and enable you to understand and explain these features to customers. In most cases you will not fully implement features, merely locate them, understand the options, and understand the process of configuring them.

WS 2012 R2 Virtual Lab





Otro ebook gratuito, con muchas novedades, e ideas interesantes en la parte de almacenamiento. Orientado a la parte de diseño y arquitectura.

Chapter 1  Rethinking enterprise storage
Chapter 2  Leapfrogging backup with cloud snapshots
Chapter 3  Accelerating and broadening disaster recovery protection
Chapter 4  Taming the capacity monster
Chapter 5  Archiving data with the hybrid cloud
Chapter 6  Putting all the pieces together
Chapter 7  Imagining the possibilities with hybrid cloud storage


Que lo disfrutéis 😉