Azure IaaS for IT Pros : Mark Russinovich Day 3 Exam 70-533

Hi everybody,

Following with the Azure IaaS sessions, today I would like to share with you the third session. This session is related with Linux, Docker, and Puppet between others.

Is very interesting because we can see the power of these tools, and how Azure is able to work with them.




The content of the Day 3 is the following:



If you are a SysAdmin who already supports solutions on the Linux platform at scale, you are probably familiar with Chef and Puppet. Did you know they are also available in Azure for both Linux and Windows Machines? You can take your existing instructions and configurations and configure agents on your IaaS instances to point to your servers for deployment. Learn how to implement these amazing technologies for your Linux and Windows Azure hosted solutions.



The guide to deploy Puppet Enterprise in Windows Azure 

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Good luck for those who are preparing the  Microsoft Azure Specialist Exam 70-533


I’ll see you later!

Daniel Graciá